About Turf Science:

What are the GC50 solutions? They are a biodegradable, environmentally friendly, water and fertilizer saving product that is perfect for Golf Courses. GC50 is useable through all types of irrigation systems, even drip. Reduces irrigation, fertilizer & power requirements and reduces sodium uptake & improves nutrient intake.


  • Promotes the horizontal spread of moisture through the soil
  • Slows the movement of moisture through the soil profile
  • Significantly improves fertilizer efficiency
  • Reduces irrigation frequency and improves water use efficiency
  • Limits leaching losses of water and nutrients
  • Reduces the impact of wet and dry extremes during the irrigation cycle
  • Reduces evaporation from the soil

GC50 is used in:

  • Lawn and Turf
  • Land and Streetscapes
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Municipality

GC50 is used in:

  • GC50 solutions biodegrade naturally in the soil
  • GC50 solutions demonstrate no systematic toxicity
  • GC50 solutions are proven to promote microbial activity in the soil

Application Rates:
– New low application rates

What does GC50 does that Wetting Agents do not do? Wetting agent work well. They spread the water laterally, so that the irrigated area is evenly dampened. In fact, GC50 is 5% wetting agen. But, they do not retain water. Once the water is spread, gravity ensures that it continues its inexorable migration toward the center of the world. GC50 holds water in the root zone, releasing it gradually as it biodegrades. At each successive irrigation cycle, water is captured and slowly released, until GC50 is completely biodegraded which usually takes between 6-12 weeks.