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ITS scientifically formulated a biodegradable moisture management solution that manages the moisture in the root zone of all types of turf grasses, sports fields and lawns.

Introducing GC50 Moisture management solutions.

GC50 an innovative solution for moisture management in the root zone

GC50 is a flowable acrylamide copolymer that penetrates the soil profile and acts as an oasis for the turf plant without exceeding its saturation point.

GC50 saves water, fertilizer, nutrients and electricity while providing Turf grass. The profits and benefits made from the use of GC50 far outweigh product cost making it economic and environmental sense.

GC50 is the world’s leading liquid Polyacrylamide [PAM] solution. Our solutions are not emulsions. Neither are they wetting agents!

GC50 facilitates lateral water movement & retention in the soil profile. By modifying the soil hydraulics our blends change the physical performance characteristics of most fertilizers keeping them longer where they’re needed most – in the root zone.

GC50 is more than just a water efficiency solution. GC50 can be incorporated with liquid fertilizers to assist translocation requirements and reduce leaching into eco-sensitive areas. It also effectively reduces evaporation from the soil and is applied in low mix ratios with no dripper or spray nozzle blockage by creating a laminar flow effect.

The GC50 solutions deliver considerable savings on irrigation water usage and pumping costs. In addition it delivers an ability to manage water scheduling and turf grass moisture uptake.

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Key reasons for the use of (Fulvic Acid)

Fulvic acid is derived from the breakdown of vegetative material. When applied to the soil it behaves in a similar fashion to Auxins (plant growth hormones) and increases development of the root. In a replicated turf trial in WA the addition of GC50plus increased total root surface area around 40% over untreated. This leads to improved uptake of water, nutrients and supports greater development of root and tuber set.

The presence of Fulvic acid in the soil supports increased biological activity but specifically the growth of Vesicular Arbuscular Micorrhiza (VAM). VAM have an important function in increasing or extending the ability of the turf grass root system to uptake Phosphorus and Zinc from the soil solution. VAM also has a role in the transfer of sugars.

The Turf Science GC50 why use it?

This product is our standard polyacrylamide formulation. It is suitable as an additive for application through any irrigation system. The primary function of the GC50 formulation is to improve water use efficiency. While results will vary given different soil types, the expectation is that efficiency improvements of 30% or better can be achieved. This efficiency can be expressed as either less water required per irrigation event or extending the period between irrigations. Slowing the movement of water through a soil profile has exhibited positive effects in improving turf grass nutrient uptake in combination with improved water use.

GC50 formulation is compatible with liquid fertilizers. The application of our liquids stimulates microbial activity and as a food source and they assist with the breakdown of the product in the soil.

Formulated to overcome hydrophobic (non-wetting) soils. Such as sandy soils.

Polyacrylamides have a capacity to overcome soil surface tension issues in hydrophobic soils. Where soils are extremely hydrophobic GC50ss formulation should be used. This formulation contains a small amount of high quality wetting agent to assist in the breakdown of severe surface tension. Unlike general wetting agents the GC50ss formulation will also hold water in the profile to improve water use efficiency.